Virginia 4-H Military Clubs

Military 4-H Partnerships are supported by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, National Institute of Food and Agriculture, 4-H Headquarters; U.S. Army Child, Youth and School Services; U.S. Air Force Child and Youth Programs; U.S. Navy Child and Youth Programs; and Virginia Cooperative Extension 4-H Program (Virginia Tech and Virginia State University) through grant funding at Kansas State University.


4-H Club: A 4-H Club is an organized group of youth who meet regularly for a long-term, progressive series of educational experiences.  The 4-H Club's purpose is to provide positive youth development opportunities to meet the needs of young people.

Community Club: A community club is an organized group of youth who meet on a regular basis, supported by adult volunteer leaders and a program plan for the club year.  The club provides a variety of 4-H projects or project groups.  Youth from all project groups meet together in general 4-H meetings to include a business meeting, sharing from the project groups and an educational component.

Project Club:  A project club focuses on one particular 4-H project and conducts periodic business meetings. 

Virginia is proud to be one of the nation's 46 states and territories to receive the 4-H Military Partnership Grant.   The Partnership Grant is used to support 4-H clubs for military youth on Army, Air Force, and Navy installations and in communities to reach geographically dispersed military youth.  4-H military clubs have been organized on 11 military installations with 14 sites and one off-installation site.  Grant funding supports the 4-H staff responsible for chartering clubs, enrolling members, training club leaders, and involving 4-H military club members in local, regional, and state programs.

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