Virginia 4-H Military Clubs

Installation 4-H  Stories


Stories 2012 - 2013

Statements made by 4-H members during the trip home from 4-H Day at the Capitol included:                                "I can't wait for the next year."

"I want to be a Delegate."

"The trip to the 2013 Adobe Youth Voices Summit was an experience of a lifetime.  The three of us (two youth and one 4-H Agent) surely have a lot to share with everyone now that we are back home.  We look forward to 'creating with a purpose' as they say at Adobe."                                                                                                                            Local 4-H Extension Agent


Stories 2011 - 2012

Deonesha, an 18 year old military youth, served as Southeast District's 4-H Military Youth Liaison on the State 4-H Cabinet from August  2011 to June 2012.  In February 2012, this 4-H youth liaison spoke at the Virginia Tech Foundation banquet during 4-H Day at the Capitol.  She urged Tech to support programs for military kids.  Deonesha also facilitated officer training for local 4-H'ers and organized and trained volunteers from Virginia State University to assist with the local 4-H fundraising efforts generating over $500.  Deonesha said, "Lots of families can't afford to send their child to 4-H camp or 4-H Congress."

Tayla, a 17 year old  military youth was selected July 2012 to serve as Southeast District's 4-H Military Youth Liaison to the State 4-H Cabinet.  In September 2012, she spoke during the Hampton Roads 4-H 101 Training held at Naval Station Norfolk.  Her presentation informed youth center staff about opportunities 4-H has to offer.  Tayla said, "I love traveling to other places and sharing how 4-H has helped me cope with military life.  It feels so good knowing I've made a difference in someone's life.  Most kids in the military have no idea what 4-H has to offer."

Malik, a 15 year old military youth, was selected July 2012 to serve as Central District's 4-H Military Youth Liaison to the State 4-H Cabinet.  As a member of a local county 4-H program, Malik served as teen leader for junior 4-H day camps.

The Augusta County 4-H Honor Club and the Nottoway County 4-H Teens each created a 4-H club officer training module to be used by 4-H Military Clubs.  The module review panel represented local 4-H staff, Navy school liaisons and the Army regional technology program. 

"I've always dreamed of recording my songs and thanks to 4-H, I'm not only recording but performing and making music videos.  Thank you!"
                    Army Youth, Age 17

"Serving as president of the military club has made me realize how important it is to connect with other military kids like myself."
                   Army Youth, Age 17 )

"We appreciate the work that the 4-H club leader is doing with the kids.  They love and respect her."
                     4-H Club Assistant (Navy)

"I joined 4-H because I really wanted to learn about communities and how to help people.  When I am at school, I tell the kids in my class how good 4-H is for you."
                    Navy Youth, Age 8

"4-H has made both my children more responsible and community minded."
                   4-H Parent (Navy)

"I enjoy 4-H because it teaches us good lessons like being nice to other people."
                    Navy Youth, Age 8 th)

Stories 2010 -2011

"I love helping the younger kids at camps.  They are so appreciative of even the little things I do as a counselor."
                                 Army Youth,  Age 18

"This club is the best! It means so much to be around other kids who are going through the same things that I am going through.  That support is a big one too!"
    Army Youth, Age 16

"There’s a buzz going around the center; it’s a new 4-H year!  The kids can’t wait to get those special packets that allow them access to that club… the one they’ve heard about from their friends who were in it last year.  They ask what days will be club days?  When can they get a shirt?  How can they be an officer?  I’m stopped at least four times a day by a new face asking the same questions.  I don’t mind.  I feel a strong rush of joy and pride, that kids are interested in 4-H!"     

            Military Center Staff

"I like the 4-H meetings.  I like it because we plan our own activities and do the things we really love."        
                     Navy Youth, Age 11

4-H gives us a chance to learn new things."
                     Navy Youth,  Age 11

"4-H gives us a chance to explore and learn about different subjects that aren't offered in school."
                     Navy Youth, Age 12 



Military 4-H Partnerships are supported by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, National Institute of Food and Agriculture, 4-H Headquarters; U.S. Army Child, Youth and School Services; U.S. Air Force Child and Youth Programs; U.S. Navy Child and Youth Programs; and Virginia Cooperative Extension 4-H Program (Virginia Tech and Virginia State University)
through grant funding at Kansas State University.